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Egenprosjekt – Lydeffekter og musikk som jeg trenger

Her er en liste over lydeffekter og musikk som jeg trenger i prosjektet:

Lyd effekter som trengs:

–          Pokemon Game: Selection FX

–          Pokemon Game: Tail Whip FX

–          Pokemon Game: Pokeball Sounds FX

–          Pokemon Game: Rustle Grass FX

–          Pokemon Game: Zubat FX

–          Pokemon Game: Fire FX

–          Pokemon Game: Repel Spray FX

–          Thwack FX

–          Patting FX

–          Shut Down FX

–          Splatter FX

–          Lawnmower FX

–          Halleluja FX

–          Crackling Bones FX

–          Pedal Thrash Can Open FX

–         board Box FX

–          Slap FX

–          Vinyl Scratch FX

–          Ground Slap FX

–          Chicken Sounds FX


Musikk som trengs:

–          Pokemon Battle Theme

–          Pokemon Rival Battle Theme

–          Pokemon Team Rocket Battle Theme

–          Pokemon Gym Battle Theme

–          Pokemon Pallet Town Theme

–          Pokemon Route 1 Theme

–          Pokemon Viridian City Theme

–          Pokemon Viridian Forest Theme

–          Pokemon Pewter City Theme

–          Pokemon Route 3 Theme

–          Pokemon Mt. Moon Theme

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Egenprosjekt – Ferdig Manus

Jeg har nettopp laget ferdig manuset. Her er hele samlet:

Manus: Super Effective!

Page 1:

(Pokemon Intro Song)

Prof. Oak: Welcome to the world of pokemon! I’m Professor Oak. I study pokemon. But first one thing… Are you a boy or a girl?

(Awkward scilence)

Prof. Oak: A giiiirl…?


Page 2:

(Pokemon Intro Song)

Prof. Oak: This is my grandson. He’s been your rival since you both were babies. …Erm, what’s his name now?

Blue: It’s… It’s me gramps.

(Pokemon Selection FX)

Prof. Oak: That’s right! I remember noe! His name is DOUCHE!

Blue: (Grumpy noises)

Red: (Evil giggling)


Page 3:

(Prof. Oaks House Music)

Prof. Oak: In my youth I collected pokemon. You can each have on of mine.

Blue: Oh, you’re choosing the fire starter, Red? HAHA! In that case, I’ll take a WATER type!

Blue: Let’s battle!

Red: (Sobbing noises)

(Pokemon Selection FX)



Page 4:

(Pokemon Rival Battle Theme)

Blue: GO SQUIRTLE! Douse that flame with a WATER GUN!

Squirtle: Squirt?

Blue: You don’t know it? Are you kidding me? Well, what DO you know?

Narrator: Squirtle used Tail Whip

(Wiggle FX)

Prof. Oak: DOUCHE, aren’t my pokemon AWESOME?!



Page 5:

(Pallet Town Theme Music)

Prof. Oak: ROUSING BATTLE! Here, before you go I have a request for you. It’s my new invention, the pokedex! It automatically records data on pokemon you’ve seen and caught.
To make a complete guide of all the pokemon in the world. That was my dream! But I’m to old and can’t get the job done. So, I want you two to fulfill my dream for me.
(Low) Oh, and I can’t pay you…

Blue: Every pokemon? Are you serious? You’re sending us kids out into the world to find EVERY POKEMON? You don’t see anything dangerously irresponsible about this?

Prof. Oak: (careless) NOPE! GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL!

Blue: GAWD WHATEVER! Smell ya later!


Page 6:

(Pallet Town Theme Music fading into Route 1 Theme Muisic)


Page 7:
(Route 1 Theme Music)
hmm.. Hii!!

Page 8:

(Pokemon Battle Theme)

(Pokeball Open FX)

(Pokeball Closing FX)

(Pokeball Shaking FX)

(Pokeball Open FX)

Narrator: Rattata was just pretending to be caught!


(Laughter & Applause FX)


Page 9:

Narrator: Red used Poke Ball!

(Pokeball Open FX)

(Pokeball Closing FX)

Narrator: (Intense) Red pressed A + B + Down


Page 10:

(Pokeball Shaking FX)

(Pokeball Catch FX)

Red: hmm?

(Pokemon Caught Music)

Narrator: Red caught his first pokemon!

Red: (Squeal)



Page 11:

Red: Give a nickname to PIDGEY?

PokeDEX: I’m Afraid I can’t do that, Red… HA! Just kidding. Could you imagine though? So what’ll it be? OOOH I know. Call it BUTTS! BUTTS used GUST! HAHA!… Classic.


Page 12:

(Who’s That Pokemon Theme)


Chourus: IT’S MISSINGN-(Glitch noises)


Page 13:

Evil Voice: Very sorry. I’m out taking over the worl… uuhh, getting milk! –Viridian city gym leader.

Old Man: HEY KID! Wanna know how to catch pokemon?!

Red: Rhuhn

Old Man: NONSENSE! Come ‘ere…

Red: WAAH!


Page 14:


Narrator: Old Man threw teeth.

Old Man: (Snoring noises) (Grasshopper noises)


Page 15:

Red: hrrnn…

Blue: Where do you think YOU’RE going? I think it’s time for a rematch.

Narrator: Rival DOUCHE would like to battle!

Blue: And the name’s BLUE, douche.

Page 16:

(Pokemon Rival Battle Theme)

Blue: We’ve got more than just a TAIL WHIP now, Red. You ready, you fat little turtle?

Squirtle: Squir-

Blue: (Intense) You heard me, chunky butt. What’s the matter? Too much cake in your ears? ATTACK!

Squirtle: -tle?

Narrator: Squirtle has become selfconsious about his weight. Squirtle doesn’t feel pretty.
Squirtle readies finger.
Squirtle used watergun (Barfing noises in background)


Page 17:

Blue: What’s the matter red? Scared? I’m not surprised.
After all, we’ve been rivals since we were babies. Even then I was better than you. (baby screaming)
Face it! Some people are winners and some people are lo-…

Narrator: Foe Sqirtle fainted!

Blue: Wait, what? When’d you get a Pidgey?


Page 18:

Narrator: Rival Douche was defeated!

Blue: You win THIS time. Smell ya later, Red.

Red: uuhh…

Blue: (sniffing noises)


Page 19:

Old Man: (Snoring noises)
(Snort) …aaAAND THAT’S HOW IT’S DONE! Huh…? Oh… I miss my wife.



Page 20:

(Route 2 Music fading into Viridian Forest Theme)


Page 21:

(Pokemon Battle Theme)

Bug Cactcher: Don’t belive in yourself beedrill. Belive in me, who belives in you.
Yours is the drill that will pierce the heavens!


Page 22:

(Pokemon Battle Music)

Narrator: HOLY CRAP! Red  found a Pikachu!
Pokeballs: NONE!



Page 23:

Narrator: Red defeated yet another Bug Catcher!

Bug Catcher: I guess I’ll have to train mo- (SCHMOCK)

Narrator: Red got 430 bucks for winning!



Page 24:

Brock’s Voice: Pewter City Gym WE ROCK! (low) with ground type…

Brock: You know, some people actually come here choosing fire as their starter pokemon. Crazy, huh?



Page 25:

(PokeGYM Theme)

Brock: I’m Brock, Pewter’s gym leader. We train with rock types here.
You might want to get more than a newt and a bird before fighting us.

Kid: I know what you’re thinking. I’ve been here for a while and in ten thousand light years…
…I’ve never seen him open those eyes.


Page 26:

(PokeMART Theme)

PokeMART Cleric: Thanks for buying all those pokeballs! Can I interest you in some repel?
It’s made from all kinds of chemicals designed to keep pokemon away.
(whispers harshly) It’s my peeeeee…


Page 27:

(Who’s That Pokemon Theme as News Intro)

Slowpoke Anchorman: BREAKING NEWS!
We regret to inform you of what is indeed a great tragedy today. A singer, an entertainer, a LEGEND has passed on.
(Sob) I’ll always miss you… Elvis.


Page 28:

(Route 2 Theme)

PokeDEX: Per request Viridian Forest capture rates; Bug type: 83%, Flying Type: 16%, Electric Type 8…
Wait, we’re going back there?
Oooh you gonna catch a whole bunch? DUDE! You should catch a Metapod! I’ll name it Penis! PENIS USED HAR… (Shut down FX)



Page 29:

(Prof. Oaks Lab Theme)

Green: Sorry I’m late! Still got a pokemon for me?

Prof. Oak: First, what is your name?

Green: Oh you’re so silly, Gramps.
It’s me, Green!


Page 30:

(Prof. Oaks Lab Theme)

Prof. Oak: Well, all we have left is this Bulbasaur.

Green: Oh, sweet! Tentacles!

Prof. Oak: I –er… WHAT?!

Green: HA! I’m just kidding, or am I? Who knows! See ya Gramps!

Lab Assistant: Nicccccce…

Prof. Oak: Whe’s TEN you sick fuck!


Page 31:

(Viridian Forest Theme)

(Rustling grass FX)

Narrator: A wild pokemon wants to fight!

(Pokemon Battle Theme)

Narrator: Red won the fight!

(Pokemon Battle Theme End)

(Rustling grass FX)



Page 32:

(Viridian Forest Theme)

(Rustling grass FX)

Girl: How long has he been doing that?

Boy: HOURS. I think he’s crazy.

Girl: Maybe he’s having… fun?

Boy: No one could ever find THAT fun.


Page 33:

(Who’s That Pokemon Theme)


Chourus: IT’S DIGGLET!


Page 34:

(PokeGym Theme)

Brock: Really? THAT newt again?
I’m sorry, but your first gym battle will be your last.

(PokeGym Battle Theme)

Narrator: Charmander used metal claw! *RAPED* It’s super effective!


Page 35:

(PokeGYM Battle Theme)

Narrator: Geodude has fainted!

Brock: G-Geodude!! A lucky shot from an amateur! Let’s see how you handle the ULTIMATE rock type ONIX!

Narrator: *ROCK BLOCKED*




Page 36:

(PokeGYM Theme)

Brock: I took you for granted. As proof of your victory, here’s the coveted… BOULDER BADGE!
Well, the truth is it’s not all that special. I mean I’ve only got two pokemon. Who ever heard of a gym leader with TWO pokemon? Hell, most trainers have six!
(Sobbing and crying) I’M A FUCKING JOKE. (Pating FX)


Page 37:

(Pewter City Theme)

Brock: Hold on a second, Red. I’ve got something to ask you.
You see it was never my dream to be a gym leader. What I Love is breeding pokemon.
So I was wondering if I could join you on your travels. What’d ya say?
Just you and me…..

Red: aaaaaahhh….


Page 38:

(Route 1 Theme)

Green: hmm…
EEEEEHHHH!!!!! (Lawnmower FX) (Splatter FX)


Page 39:

(PokeCENTER Theme)

Nurse Joy: Hello there! Would you like your pokemon healed?
Oh, I’m sorry. Has this pokemon ever been poisoned? We can’t accept any pokemon with pre-existing status conditions.
I’m afraid you’ll have to pay quite expensively, out of pocket if you wish him to receive care. Did you think this was a charity service?
Oh, wait, that’s just YOU. Pokemon have free health care!


Page 40:

(Route 4 Theme fading into MT. Moon Theme)


Page 41:

(Mt. Moon Theme)

Red: huh? Oh!

(Halleluja FX)

Red: Hmm! Ugh… (Skeleton FX)


Page 42:

(Mt. Moon Theme)

Red: hnngg…

PokeDEX: BEEP BEEP BEEP! Hello, you’ve reached the pokeDEX of trainer RED. Please leave a message!
Hi Red, it’s me, Mom! Dr. Oak was nice enough to give me your number. Just checking to see how things are going. Hope you’re safe! Bye! *beep*

(Zubat FX)

Red: UUggghh….


Page 43:

(Pokemon Battle Theme)

(Fire FX) (Zubat FX)

Narrator: Charmander would like to battle.


Page 44:

(Pokemon Battle Theme)

Narrator: Zubat used Supersonic! Charmander Became Confused!
Come Back charmander!
Go Butts!
Zubat used Supersonic! Butts Became Confused!
Red hurt himself in the confusion!



Page 45:

(Pokemon BattleTheme)

Narrator: It hurt itself In the confusion! It hurt itself in the-! It hurt itself in the confusion!

Red: *Ghasp*

Narrator: It hurt-

Red: GAAH!

(Thwack FX)


Page 46:

(Pokemon Battle Theme)

Red: *angry panting*

(Pokeball Retrackt FX)

(Pokeball Shake FX)

(Pokeball Catch FX)

Red: HMM!


Page 47:

(Mt. Moon Theme)

Narrator: Red used Repel!

(Spray FX)

PokeDEX: You have one new message… Oh yeah! I’m also a phone! Pretty neat, huh?
Hey, is that a Zuba- URK!



Page 48:

(Route 1 Theme)

Green: Who’d have thought all the blood, organs and bones would break it?
Well, it’s time to bunker down. Only hard work and determination from here on out, Bulbasour.
That, and DRUGS… Loooooots of drugs….


Page 49:

(Route 1 Theme)

(Pedal thrashcan FX)

(Item in cartbox shaking FX)

(Rumble FX)

(Poof FX)

Green: *Ghasp* *Whispers* Freaking Beautifull


Page 50:

(Pokemon Evolution Theme)

Narrator: What? Bulbasaur is evolving?
Congratulations! Your Bulbasaur evolved into Ivysaur!

(Vinyl Scratch FX)

Old Man: No it didn’t.


Page 51:

(Route 1 Theme)

Green: What?

Old Man: I said that creature DIDN’T evolve. It’s just a theory!

Green: It very clearly turned from one thing into another thing.

Old Man: Well, answer this little missy. If we came from monkeys…

(Slap FX)

Page 52:

(Who’s That Pokemon Theme)




Page 53:

(Mt. Moon Theme)

Red: Hmm!

(Thwack FX)

Red: uh…

Clefairy: Clef?

Red: HEY!


Page 54:

(Who’s That Pokemon Theme as News Intro)

Slowpoke Anchorman: BREAKING NEWS!
We’ve just received some information from Apple regarding Steve Jobs.
He’s announced today that he’ll be stepping down as head of the company citing health reasons.
This reporter, for one, hopes he makes a speedy recovery. More as it develops.


Page 55:

(Mt. Moon Theme)


(Squeaky Toy FX)

Clefairy: Clef.

(Dramatic FX)



Page 56:

(Mt. Moon Theme)

(Pokeball Retract FX)

(Slap FX)

Clefairy: CLEF.

Red: uuh… Mh.

Clefairy: Fairy Fairy!

(Pokeball Retract FX)

Narrator: Clefairy was caught.


Page 57:

(Mt. Moon Theme)

Team Rocket Grunt: OUT WITH IT! Where’d you hide the fossils?!


(Thwack FX)

Narrator: Red… uh, Clefairy wants to fight!


Page 58:

(Mt. Moon Theme)

Team Rocket Grunt: What do you think you’re doing kid? We’re pulling a BIG job here.
Who’s “we” you ask? Oh, you know… Only TEAM-Freaking-ROCKET!
An international crime syndicate with virtually limitless resources, far reaching influence, and untold POWER…
YOU want to pick a fight with US? PREPARE FOR TROUBLE.
*Douchey* Go Zubat! He’s level ELEVEN!



Page 59:

(Pewter City Theme)

Brock: Okay guys, take a knee… Figuratively.
I know these last few battles have ben tough. Naturally, you’re going to lose to water but, that FIRE GUY?
Nobody saw that coming. *mumbles* Gen three crap.
Even so, I think we can turn it around next battle and show them rock pokemon, are the BEST pokemon!

Green: Hiya!

Brock: uh….


Page 60:

(Route 3 Theme)

Youngster: Oh wow, that girl is pretty. Should I go over to her? Should I say something?
*Scared* Oh my gosh! OH my GOSH! She’s coming over… What do I do?! WHAT DO I DO?!

Green: Would you like to bat-…


(Slap FX)


Page 61:

(Team Rocket Battle Theme)

Red: Double Sl-…

Narrator: Clefairy ignored orders!
Clefairy used Metronome!
Clefairy used Rest!

(Vinyl Scratch FX, Stops music)

(Fall FX)

Page 62:

(Team Rocket Battle Theme)

Narrator: Red sent out Zubat!

Red: Njyeeeehh….

Narrator: Zubat used Supersonic! (Playback x2)

(Chicken squeaking FX)

Narrator: *Low* It hurt itself in its confusion! (Playback x6)

Team Rocket Grunt: This… This is going to take a bit.


Page 63:

(Team Rocket Battle Theme)

Narrator: Zubat snapped out of confusion!
Zubat used Leech Life!

Team Rocket Grunt: I’m going to use ALL my cunning in this next move.
Leech Life!


Page 64:

(Pokemon Battle Theme Ending)

Team Rocket Grunt: Curses! You’ve eventually defeated me! I’ll admit you’re good.
However the next time we meet I’ll be even stronger!
Maybe I’ll have one Zubat… TWO Zubats? You just don’t know!


Page 65:

(Mt. Moon Theme)

Scientist: Thanks for the help kid. That Team Rocket guy was after two fossils I just discovered.
I suppose I could give you one as reword for your help…